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David M. Watts approached The Brand Thinker boutique agency, to revive and relaunch the existing Wattswhat brand.  The Brand Thinker spoke with David Watts to learn about the fashion brand consultancy and previous website. After many months of intensive research, we re-built and designed the logo and website to modernise the look, feel and message. 

The re-design of the logo included the 4 rings and classic typography, with the signature colour and a hint of dusty pink, to add some colour to the brand. A range of logos was designed to accommodate different platforms from Twitter to LinkedIn. The website required great care to embody the luxury, experience and commitment of the managing directors' life work. The final outcome is a brand new modern web platform for DMW. All brand assets were refreshed including the typography to launch the David M. Watts brand in March 2021.


David M Watts, Fashion Industry Advisor.
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