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TV Drama

Pilot Series

3rd March 2020

The Brand Thinker Design Agency and Creative Director are planning to develop a TV Drama.

The Sci-fi drama concept is in its early stages and was written by The Brand Thinker, Creative Director, Ryan Allen. Further long-term planning and writing will follow with Television and Film writers to pitch to a TV Network.

The designers at The Brand Thinker are working on the Art Work surrounding the concept. This is the first public showing of the dark virtual reality.

The Experimentalists TV Drama Project
Amit Khanna, The Brand Thinker, Strategy

Amit Khanna joins The Brand Thinker as Strategy Director

1st July 2020

The Brand Thinker Design Agency is delighted to announce our new member of the team.

Amit Khanna is the new Strategy Director for The Brand Thinker Design Agency. Amit will be working alongside the Creative Director to support the agency's growth and turn it into the branding agency for startups in the product and tech world.


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