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This startup is looking to develop a brand that talks about mental health using comedy, to help men reconnect with their deeper feelings and tackle mental health, and remove the stigma. 


The brief was to design a completely new comedy night that could be online and offline. Many people, especially the male demographic enjoy going out and watching a comedy show, and so the energy and fun had to be felt through the brand. We decided to go with 'Laugh A Little,' which gives a hint to mental health.


The primary letters of the word Laugh were hand-drawn and stacked to appear as people, who might be laughing hysterically in their seats. The 'Little' word was given a solid foundation using art deco typography to give a sense of age and history to the brand. The poster was designed as a concept to promote comedians and give a feeling of fun, and laughter with mental health as part of the stand-up sketch. Laugh a Little gets a little bit mental was used to speak to its audience without stigma.

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