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After 7-months of designing and posting content on social media, he caught the creative spark again, which gave him the passion and drive to start designing and innovating, which was a distant memory. 

Ryan began to imagine a brand design agency, that was built on delivering designs that were deeply rooted in brand identity, authenticity, and invention.


Ryan knew instinctively that it was time to create an agency after so many inquiries were coming in through Instagram. He took the hint and launched the brand name as The Brand Thinker. An agency, that's all about the brand through critical thinking and collaboration, which pushes the boundaries of design by delivering commercial quality, that's affordable for startups and personal brands at lightning speed.


Ryan Allen The Brand Thinker
Finding Ryan, The New Book by Ryan Allen

Ryan's first book, Finding Ryan.

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The Brand Thinker

How it all began.




The Brand Thinker Design Agency idea began with its founder Ryan, while he was on a Christmas vacation in Norway to see his best friend Kimberly in 2018.

Ryan graduated from Birmingham City University in his home city of Birmingham in the year 2000, where he completed his BA in Visual Communication.


After many years of working as a school teacher,

Ryan decided he wanted to design again like he used to, so he started designing fashion magazine covers on his iPhone for fun and posted them on Instagram.

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